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My name is Steve Hatherley and I suffer from lower back pain. I first started suffering lower back pain when I was 27 (just after I bought my first house, although I think that was just a coincidence), and has continued on and off ever since.

It's scary to realise that I've had lower back pain for over a decade now...

I am pretty certain I know what the fundamental problem is with my back - I don't do enough exercise. I've never really liked exercise - I wasn't much good at it at school, and I don't do enough of it now I'm an adult.

Unfortunately, knowing the source of the problem hasn't helped. I know I should be doing more exercise, but fitting it into a busy working life isn't easy.

So rather than bite the bullet and do more exercise, I've tried various treatments and products. Unfortunately I still have the problem...

Anyway, I've set up this site to explain my problem and to talk about some of the solutions I've tried - what has worked for me and what hasn't.

I'm hoping that you'll find some help here - and I'm also hoping that you'll share your stories and we can learn together.

(Actually, and more importantly as far as I am concerned, I'm hoping that this website will not only motivate me to get my own house in order and fix my back once and for all, but maybe I will learn a thing or two from you.)

Of course, your bad back isn't my bad back - and what works for you may not work for me (and vice versa). So you need to take anything on this website with a dash of salt - I'm not guaranteeing a miracle cure!

You also need to be aware that I'm not a doctor or work in any other health capacity. Your back is your responsibility - I cannot be held responsible if you injure yourself following any of the suggestions here. If you do not wish to take this responsibility for your own decisions, you should leave this website and consult with your doctor.

However, I do hope that I help you take control of your own bad back if you are ever going to fix it. Good luck!

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My Lower Back Pain