Treat Your Own Back - by Robin McKenzie

by steve

Treat Your Own Back

Treat Your Own Back

I'm a bit hesitant about recommending this book because, although I have found it effective when I have a particularly bad period of back pain, I'm not convinced about the science.

The book starts off with the discovery of the treatment (which is basically similar to the Yoga position known as "The Cobra"), but the treatment was found purely by accident - and the book doesn't really go into the reasons why it works which I find very frustrating. (I'm one of those people who need to know why something works before really accepting it or taking it in.)

Having said that, I have found it to be of some use when my back is particularly bad, which is why it's included here.

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Mar 05, 2014
Saved me a second surgery! NEW
by: Rob

See below for the bio on Robin McKenzie. He was
(he died in 2013) a well known PT from New Zealand who has excellent credentials. The book is well researched and has many followers ( esp. among physical therapists) around the world.

With the seriousness of my back pain ( I was no longer able to walk and addicted to pain pills) I would never just try the suggestions of a random book writer without checking the credibility of the person suggesting the techniques. You can do more harm than good! I had one micro discectomy surgery and was given this book just before I was to have another surgery a year later. This method was also suggested to me by the orthopedic surgeon for a top Australian football team.
I am now pain free and if I get any back issues, following the McKenzie method completely resolves the issue. It takes time and may not work for everyone ( eg. if it is a genetic problem ) but it was a lifesaver for me. The book is clear about whether the pain increases or if you get no relief, then not to proceed further.

Sep 05, 2011
Loved the book love my no pain back
by: Clatters

For me it works and has done so for 25 years and the reason is simple - the exercises strengthen your back muscles which support your spine. If it were not for this book I would have spent a lot of money on doctors, etc, trying to achieve the same end result.

I found they were giving me exercises to do one at a time that were straight out of Robin's book and they laughed when I drew their attention to that fact...

For me, after surviving 8 breaks of the pelvis gained by being run over by a vehicle, it was just what I needed to put down the constant pain I had for years afterwards, I recommend it to all sufferers.

Jun 07, 2011
by: Anonymous

This book sent me back to the golf course, thanks.

Apr 11, 2011
20 years of use & I still recommend it
by: Anonymous

The book explains the causes of low back pain in an authorative manner (unlike general internet heresay that carries no weight). This sets the foundations of why the excercises are designed the way they are.

The book then illustrates behaviours that lead to low back pain and then goes on to give examples of better behaviour.

Then there is is the exercises themselves which are easy to do.

I have been managing my low back problem for 20 years and have not had a day off work from my office job.

I often recommend this book as a result.

Jan 24, 2011
The Best ever book.
by: Andrew Stemler

I have all the books, McGill, Kendall, Ehrman,(even some Chek stuff). I'm a crossfit trainer, a PT, I've almost finished a very extended sport science degree, GP Referral qualified, Yada, yada.

I'm now a trainee massage therapist under Mel Cash: Ive hung out with Julian Baker of the Bowen technique and dissected cadavers.

This book works. Simple as that.

Nice to find stuff that does. Given to me by my dad. Great gift.

Dec 01, 2010
Best Back Book ever
by: McPhysio

Having tried to treat acute and chronic low back pain for 30+ years, it was a revelation to discover the McKenzie approach. I have never had such good results for my patients before trying this approach, and never seen such rapid improvement in those whose injuries are appropriate for the approach.

It empowers the patient, so that the patient no longer has to panic when he or she hurts himself, and no longer has to always run to a physio or a chiropractor, but can take charge of the situation themselves.

It really hit home when I suffered a disc derangement and had to put the knowledge to personal use. Within 10 days I went from having acute pain on movement, walking bent over like Groucho Marx and needing help to get dressed, to being pain-free, normal posture and able to put on my own socks.

While it may not be appropriate for everyone, it is definitely worth trying.

Nov 02, 2010
bbad book
by: Anonymous

There are millions book dealing with back pain, so I don't recommend this one. Half of the book is about the structure of the spine (well I can look it up on the internet), then it tells you how to carry things (I guess everyone knows already) and then you have 3 differens exercises that come from yoga and that can be dangerous if you have a bad back.

Jun 22, 2010
by: Anonymous

The science is definitely proven but there is no reason to go into it. The book is simply designed to be a handy easy way for someone to treat his or her back more effectively than any MD could with exercises. If you must know discogenic pain especially in the low back is commonly caused by a condition known as internal disc derangement. The exercises basically help rearrange the internal disc material and alleviate the pain

Jan 18, 2010
Treat your own back is magic
by: Peter

I, unlike my colleage, do not need to know why it works but if I can take the emergency back care stretches and after doing the three stretches for one day I can stop taking pain killer and get around without obvious discomfort then I am sold on its methods. Methodology is not as important to me. This book has given me back my quality of life in one session. I am going to continue with the prescribed exercises and stretching.

I reccomend this book to anyone who can anwser the questions in the beginning and get the correct number for making you a good candidate for these stretches.

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