Tempur Pedic Mattress

I love my tempur pedic mattress...

... but it's not been that great for my back.

I now have a king-size tempur pedic mattress which I dearly love, but as I'll explain, it's not as good for my back as the advertising would have you believe.

I first became aware of Tempur-Pedic (just "Tempur" here in the UK) when a friend showed me a small 3" cube of strange, spongy material. You could squeeze the cube and it would slowly reform - it made for a great stress-relief executive toy on my desk at work... The tag attached to the sample described it as a memory foam deveoped by NASA (for the astronaut's chairs during lift-off) and now called Tempur. And you could get yourself a bed made of it and float yourself off to sleep in zero gravity and cure your back pain - or something like that.

Anyway, I was intrigued enough to drag my wife to a showroom (Peter Betteridge in Kingsbridge, Devon - I was on holiday at the time) to get the full salesman treatment. Tempur-Pedic stockists have a sort of "Tempur pedic mattress experience" which you can try out to see if you're going to like the mattress. So we did - and we spent time with the salesman and tried out different mattresses.

(I also asked the salesman if he used a Tempur mattress. I always ask this, particularly if I'm about to spend a large amount of money. In this case he hadn't, which is never a good sign.)

Tempur Pillows

To start with, we decided to buy a pair of Tempur-Pedic pillows and if we got on with them, we would buy a mattress.

(One reason for not buying a Tempur pedic mattress then was that we were in the process of moving house and a) finances were a bit uncertain and b) we didn't want it delivered and then have to move it. So we waited - and as luck would have it we timed it just right to hit the sale!)

The pillows were a great success. They took a bit of getting used to, but we both found them very supportive - and we ended up taking them with us when we visited friends and relatives. They're certainly a good way of testing the water before deciding to spend big money on a mattress.

My Tempur Pedic Mattress Review

About three months after visiting the showroom, I ordered a mattress and it turns up a few weeks after that. So what do I think?

I don't know if I was expecting a miracle, but that's not what I got. Sure Tempur mattresses are extremely comfortable, but the advertising hype has them fixing all sorts of back pain problems. Not for me, unfortunately.

However, I am very pleased with it. First, it's very comfortable. While I've never felt as if I'm floating in zero-gravity (I think that's what i've seen adverts say), it is still one of the most comfortable mattresses I've slept on

It's also very warm. Foam is a great insulator and it's great for cold winter nights. (And not too hot during summer, either.)

And perhaps the most surprising benefit is that because it's not a sprung mattress, I don't wake my wife when I turn in bed. And that's really good - because she's a light sleeper and on other mattresses I regularly wake her up.

The main bad point has actually been using the Tempur pillows with the Tempur mattress. I got neckache from using the wrong size pillow with the mattress - I find that I'm sleeping much heavier than I used to but that means that if I am in a bad position, it gets worse. Happily, replacing the pillow with the correct size has sorted that problem out.

The other thing I probably object to is that whenever you're searching Google or Yahoo for bad backs and troubled sleep, you inevitably end up at a site that sells Tempur pedic mattresses. Unfortunately, I haven't found that they've helped me at all.

Tempur pedic mattress tips

Now that I've lived with a Tempur mattress for nearly two years, here are my tips:

Here's the Tempur website: http://www.tempurpedic.com/

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