Rescue your back: A guide for a new approach to back pain

by Steve

Rescue Your Back

Rescue Your Back

By Cathy Mahon, PT, MS

Rescue your back takes a slightly different approach from all of the other back pain books that I've read. To get the most out of Rescue your back, you really need to work through it with a physical therapist (or physiotherapist in some parts of the world).

The theory behind the book is that the cause of back pain isn't necessarily a problem in the back. While the symptom may be pain in the back, the cause may be elsewhere in the body and the back is having to work harder. And in working harder, (and perhaps because it's trying to do things that it hasn't evolved for) it starts to hurt.

So a physical therapist diagnoses what's wrong (there's a section in the book covering this) and then prescribes two programs of exercises - a corrective program (to sort out the mechanical problem) and a protective program (to protect your back in daily use).

Rescue your back also contains a number of typical exercises that the physical therapist might include in your program. The book also contains a DVD which goes over the topics in the book in more detail and includes the exercises. The exercises are very useful and also include common errors and problems, so it's easy to see if you are doing it wrong.

I haven't tried the book, largely because my back is pretty good at the moment, so if anyone has tried it and has any feedback I'd love to hear from you through the comments page below.

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Feb 23, 2010
Its Awesome
by: Patrick Larsson

I can recommend it.
Ive been working 18 years with low back pain.
And sincerely this one is very good. Read it!

Patrick Larsson

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