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The Flexibak reminds me of a dinosaur's rib-cage. I'm not quite sure why, but I have a feeling that the similarity is part of its appeal.

Anyway, the Flexibak is produced by Probak Direct Ltd in England (near Cheltenham) and was developed by two leading osteopaths.

The way it works is that you lie on it, with your bottom on on the wide part and the narrow part on the small of your back. (Your head is raised on a cushion and your knees in the air.) The idea is that the spacing of the wooden ribs matches your spine and that your weight is supported by the Flexibak in such a way that the muscles of your spine are able to relax.

Although it looks a bit weird, I now find the Flexibak very comfortable - that's after a couple of weeks' use. (The first couple of uses were slightly strange, but that's to be expected.)

Using the Flexibak takes about 10 minutes to use. First there are some very simple exercises involving simply swinging your knees from side to side. Then, just relax into the flexibak, allowing the wooden ribs to take your weight. (This part of the exercise reminds me of part of the Alexander Technique - the bit where you lie on your back with your head suppored and your knees in the air and you think about lengthening.)

Flexibak - here's how it's supposed to work. Image taken from the Flexibak website.

So is it any good?

Well, my impressions after a month are that the Flexibak is quite comfortable, but I'm not entirely convinced yet. It's going to take a long time for this to help my back, and I incorporate it into my daily stretching regime. As far as my back is concerned, I don't think the Flexibak alone is enough.

(Update: Three months later and I've noticed a definite improvement, certainly in twisting. I can't say with 100% proof that it's down solely to the Flexibak, but I have been incorporating it in my stretching.)

The Flexibak comes with a rather impressive guarantee - try it for 10 minutes a day and if, after 60 days use it hasn't given you any pain relief, send it back and you will get your money refunded.

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I had a whiplash injury in a car accident last year. I had physiotherapy, bought a TENS machine, tried craniosacral osteopathy, reiki, reflexology etc etc. About 8 months after my accident I discovered the flexibak. For me it is a lifesaver. It really works for the problems I have, which includes ongoing inflammation in my sacrum. If I use it daily for about 7-10 days all my problems appear to resolve. Problem is, I then stop using it and gradually they return. When it has been worst though, it has really helped and kept me sane. I get almost instant relief. I have been known to fall asleep on the flexibak.

I think you need to get yourself really comfortable and get it in the right place - too far up or too far down the spine and it doesn't work the same. I agree too that your head needs to be at a comfortable height. IF, and when you get it right .... you know! Jenny, UK

If you have any comments, or a tip or a story about using a Flexibak, I'd love to hear about it so that I can share it on this site. Click here to tell me your story.

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